You should know…MC Zulu

This is an article I’m going to be featuring at my discretion. It may be weekly, it may be biweekly, it may be once every full moon… I don’t know yet however, there are certain artists out there that you (being people) should be aware of. If for no other reason than to stretch out your musical tastes.

My first artist is MC Zulu, he is a Chicago musician that is best known for his work with the Drastics. He is originally from Panama and has a distinct Caribbean flavor in is work. He mixes roots reggae DJ’ing with Dancehall and Electronic undertones. He has worked with a multitude of DJ’s with in the Electronic world including Kool Keith, DJ C, and Beat Science just to name a few. 

What is interesting about Zulu is that he has his own cadence when releasing his vocal prowess. It is called “reverse 16th”. It sounds distinct and hypnotizing at the same time. Another interesting fact about him is that he mixes in harmonies into his Dancehall tunes. This is not typical and Zulu is not typical MC. Panamanian born Chicago raised. If you don’t know Zulu, check him out.

Also, vote for him to be on the next 1000 list at (just follow this link sign up and give him 5 stars.

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  • Gabe

    I really like his style