The Lions At New Gabah

Pandomonium. Cars stopped for hours on end. Gridlock terrorizing the fair city of Los Angeles. CARMAGEDDON!!!! This wasn’t enough to keep me from taking the freeways  to Hollywood to check out Los Angeles band The Lions. Featuring members of Hepcat, Ocean 11, Fitz and The Tantrums, De La Soul, and Raphael Saadiq, this all star collective laid a mean reggae groove last night that didn’t let up.

From the opening drum crack, The Lions came out roaring. The first number was  a blazing number With MC Black Shakespeare on the mic and a trombone solo. Then came out Malik Moore and Alex Desert to lead the vocal parade. The harmonies of these two along with Deston Berry on keys were crisper than a freshly pressed shirt. I mean forget about cutting hot butter, these guys could melt frozen butter in an instant with how sweet they sounded.

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