Forthrights Tour Blog: Day 1 w/Free Download

For those that don’t know me, which is probably all of you, my name is Sammy KSammy. I’m a kid, born and raised in the great state of New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey. No, I don’t know Springsteen, but I have spent many a nights drunkenly singing ‘Born to run” on the streets of Asbury Park. My Family was very into me playing music, and exposing me to everything that could inspire. How that led me to be in a Rocksteady band, I just don’t know. Me and 3 of my best friends are heading out tomorrow on a great adventure. No, not with Pee Wee, but with The Forthrights. We have been making music together for a few years now, played a whole lot of shows in the North East, as well as in the Mid West. Nows the time for us to pass the Great Wall of Chicago, and head all the way to the Pacific ocean, and the land of the Gwen’s, the Fish’s and those Hepcats.

I got in touch with Jason and Gabe over here at Musical Occupation, with hopes to start a blog about living in a van with your best friends, living on 10 dollars a day, and the things that happen on tour. Armed with a Blackberry, a Flip camera, and a run down Macbook, I’m hoping to show you lovely, lovely people, what it’s like to go on tour for 60+ days. I’m gonna try to post about the spots we eat at, the cool people we meet, and the biggest tunes we find on Spotify!

Like I said earlier, the tour kickoff show is tomorrow, April 7, at Otto’s Shrunken Head In New York City. We’re headed out to Indiana after that, to meet up with We Are The Union, a Detroit based band, who we’re doing the Ska Is Dead Presents Young Guns 2011 tour with. We’re headed down to to New Orleans, back up the East coast, and ending up in Chicago. Along the way, we are meeting up with Stuck Lucky, from Tennessee, The Brunt of It from New England, The Green Room Rockers, from Indiana, as well as the Fad. We are all really psyched about the tour, and were all looking forward to the next 30 days.

After that, the lovely miss Maddie Ruthless is meeting us in Chicago, and were headed down south, and out west with her. That tour, which were calling “The Rocksteady is Ruining my life” tour, is going to head up the coast of California with Queen P, and the Delerians.

Here’s the first post. I-ficially. tour. tour. tour. Todays big tune(s) come from one of my favorite singers in the world. Mr King Django. He just put out a new digital EP over at Whatevski records! go check it out! It is a compilation of some vinyl stuff he put out over the last few years. He murders it with the early reggae cuts, and One Finger. Hot Damn! Big tune from the Skinnerbox Catalog re-done over the Freedom Sounds(rip) Ethiopian Kings Rhythm. Go grab it over at

Heres all our dates as of now. Come say whats up! Grab a beer, and hang out with us!

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